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Beekeeping Basics

How many brood boxes do I need? Depending on your location, the amount of flowers available year round, how cold it gets, etc., etc. will affect how many brood boxes you should use in your beehive / Flow Hive.
When to add the Flow Super It is important to place your bees in the brood box and wait until they are fully established before adding the Flow Super containing the Flow Frames to your hive. This can take anywhere between 1-8 weeks, depending on whether you have a nuc or package of bees, and will vary greatly depending on the time of year and the local resources available for your bees.
Bearding Bees bearding at the front of the hive is completely normal and a sign of a strong colony.
Wintering your Flow Hive Wintering your Flow Hive / Flow Frames is an important consideration that you will need to make.

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