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Flow Videos A topic for all the Flow Videos - meet the beekeeper, Flow Harvests, etc. Flow Events A place to show where Flow will be at events, shows, beekeeping events, etc.<br>Listings of talks by Stu, Cedar, or if Flow has a Flow Hive on display so you can see it in person. Flow Harvest Success Stories Please share any successful Flow Harvests here Purchasing, Shipping, Orders Everything related to Purchasing, Shipping &amp; Ordering from <a href="http://www.honeyflow.com/">http://www.honeyflow.com/</a>
Beekeeping Clubs & Associations Directory engaged with Flow [Flow Hive] (3)

We have launched our new directory of Clubs & Associations we have engaged with. The directory is listed on all 3 of our websites: EU: https://eu.honeyflow.com/pages/beekeeping-club-association-directory AU: https://…

How to encourage bees to fill the Flow Frames ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ) [Flow Hive] (165)

Just thought I would share this FAQ in case you have some bees who are not taking to the Flow Frames too quickly. http://www.honeyflow.com/faqs/why-arent-my-bees-filling-the-flow-frames/p/194 Why aren't my bees filli…

Flowhive Video Instruction ( 2 ) [Flow Hive] (21)

Flowhive has produce a series of videos specific to beekeeping with the Flowhive. These are a great resource for inexperienced beeks and old hands alike. Viewing the videos will answer many common questions raised…

Advice needed on inspecting flow frames when they are very stuck ( 2 ) [Flow Hive] (32)

HHello Just wanting some advice around removing the flow frames for inspection in the super. My bees are doing very well through our mild Qld winter (on outskirts of Brisbane). All the frames are looking pretty fu…

Space in Broodbox [Flow Hive] (8)

I do not get it! Why is there so much space in the brood box left. I learned in the beekeeping class that I took that I have tot item the frames us much as i can. So the bees do not create comb somewhere on the roof o…

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