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1 hive or 2 for beginners?


I’m a new convert to the world of bees and beekeeping, with the intention of organising equipment and having my first hive up and running in the spring of 2016. (southern hemisphere.)

Originally I planned on having 1 hive, but some of the research I have been reading suggests there are benefits in starting with 2 hives, the main benefits being able to compare both hives with relation to hive problems, plus transferring resources from a hive that is doing well to supplement a hive that is struggling.

So, what advice can the experienced beekeepers of this forum provide?

Am I better starting with 1 hive for the first year?

Or are their benefits of having 2 hives straight away?



Answered here:



I am getting back into beekeeping after 55 years away from the project/hobby… I started prepping for this Spring 2016 last late summer, fall n winter. I chose to start this season with multi hives. I wanted the comparison factor as well as support of extra brood, honey or dawn out frames ! I be careful going above the couple until your ready but two can be an access. Just got my Nuc’s yesterday n excitedly watching my new bees in my hives today. Good luck !