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A Good Food Source in Winter

Tree Lucerne, Tagasaste or more correctly Chamaecytisus palmensis. This plant is about 8-9m (25-30 ft) tall,maybe 4-5m wide.

We have a lot of these around and they can multiply fast.
For anyone with a spare spot or acre these are a great source of Winter food, both pollen and nectar. This bush/tree has been flowering about 4 weeks now (July though August is normal) and the noise of bees in there is very loud. They love it.

It is hardy, doesn’t need watering at all through Summer, grows on the poorest of soils and certainly suit the hills people (eg @skeggley) and Southern California (eg DD). Not suited to the the cold climes of snow and ice though.
Grown all around the world for animal fodder you can prune them near to the ground if you wish or just trim up if you don’t.
You know when they start to flowering by the rich ,sweet scent detectable from 100m or more.

Worth considering if you need to feed during Winter. Caution though if you want to grow from seed, you need to get some soil from under an existing plant to get the seed to germinate…special enzymes or something, can’t remember and too lazy to look it up. Digging up seedling under an existing bush is easiest.


@busso Wilfred, if you want to pot a couple of seedlings up I’ll pop down in a few weeks when I get back down south. It looks like a good screening tree to hide my rear neighbour. How quickly do they grow?


Great, grab me some while you’re there SES. :grin:

Looks like we are putting the pressure on Wilfred, Greg :wink:

Not a problem. I’ll let you know when they are ready.

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Can do you some too.


Nah your right.
And they do grow relatively quickly.

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