Addition of the Flow box

About 3 weeks ago I added the flow box. The bees get into the cells and get out. They do not seem to produce any honey. How long does it usually take?

How long it usually takes depends on a long list of factors. The strength of the colony of workers, available resources (nectar), abundance of resources, as in a “honey flow”, not to mention how full your brood box was before you added the Flow super.

Is there currently a honey flow in your part of Arizona?

Michael Papademetriou DMD, MS
Associate Professor and Clinical Director
Postgraduate Orthodontic Program
Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health
A.T.Still University

Hi Michael, thanks for passing on your credentials. It shows that people from all walks of life get into & are fascinated by bees.

You prompted me to compile a list of people from a diverse range of professions that I’ve sold colonies to, as well as helped out. First of all, an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon recently purchased a colony from me. Then there’s farmers, fishermen, policemen, firemen, tree loppers an an arborist, school teachers, snake catchers, nurses, an anesthetist, a colonic therapist, bankers, ministers of religion, builders, plumbers, a cement truck owner, an entrepreneur, a former politician, not to mention a practicing barrister, as well as GPs. On top of all that, I’ve sold colonies to commercial airline pilots, serving & retired military personnel. The list goes on.

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wow! This is awesome. Imagine if you and Wilma were able to take photos of them all, record their ‘stories’ regarding their interest in bees, and share with us. (I like that idea).

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Hi & thank you Bianca, just thinking back to most of the people I mentioned, they all got Flow hives. The tree lopper I mentioned, came back a couple of weeks later with a welcome truckload of mulch. He bought the Flow hive for his 3yo daughter.

The former (unnamed) politician was the most interesting. He has 1 Flow hive, plus 3 fake f hives. I don’t know how they’re going.

A politician with fakes! That’s interesting. I wonder if they ever considered that the Flow Hive is a 100% Australian owned and made business and all the fakes are infringements against our IP rights :thinking:

Ah what a bonus, your garden will love that. I love it when we can trade things and services with each other. Bit off topic but I’m currently looking for an expert in trees to help me refine my tree ID-ing abilities (for the bees) and with someone who would be interested in exchanging this for some beekeeping education.

I just double checked with Wilma, she agrees that this former politician has no scruples.

That was a welcome load of mulch, about 4-5 years ago. We got another one a few weeks ago from next door, after the house got demolished. The trees got mulched. The bloke came to apologize for a tiny mess over the fence, then before we knew it, we were offered a whole truck load of it :slight_smile:

I bought a book years ago from the Qld. DPI “Honey Flora of Queensland”. There might be a similar publication for NSW flora. I only know a few basic trees in my area because I’ve never moved my hives around. Tallowwood is easy to recognise, & there’s quite a few of those around, plus Blackbutts & Bluegums. The very odd Ironbark, plus heaps of Paperbarks.

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