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An interesting perspective

I’ve checked Farmers Almanac for the last frost here in Tennessee and it’s said to be April 9th, 2018. This seems to be in sync with local beekeepers as nuke deliveries are in mid April.

Another interesting discovery is the forage map of the USA through NASA that I found and am sharing.

Seems that the Wolkonsky Bee Chateau is in the middle of the Appalachian Ozark Upland. :grinning:


The Almanac is very good if it can predict a frost on April 9th 2018…

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Our average last frost for foothills of Puget Sound SE of Seattle is 4/20 … I usually pickup my Nucs about 4/15. It’s never been a problem. Usually last frost is only light not hard killing frosts.

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I’m sure it’s an educated guess AdamMaskew but as I’m a new beekeeper trying to learn the honey flow and get into a scheduled groove I’ll go with the Almanac because I plant by it. I guess I forgot to ask the interesting point of when do the people in the forums honey flow season begin. Ours is in mid April.

Does your honey flow start shortly there after?

So you’re in the western mountain range?


Our nectar flow has started n been interrupted several times by wet n cold weather … that’s the Pacific NW effected by the Wx coming in from the ocean.

With my first hive inspection several days ago n just observation of my girls going in n out … I see great pollens n new nectar in cell storage now.

Today our temps dropped to 30 dgs but that is now quickly gone n mercury should climb to mid 50’s for the next two day.

Thus more foraging of wild n domestic plum n Osoberry.