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Anyone know this tree


Saw this large bush or small tree in a garden in the Hunter Valley. As you can see the bees loved it. Any suggestions on its identification?



Looks like a Gordonia @Rmcpb… also known as the Fried Egg tree due to what the flowers look like when they fall onto the ground… a good source of pollen.


They sure are a good pollen source. The bees were swimming in it. Also, in this area the camellias had finished so this extended 5heir pollen supply, at least this year.




Sorry bro ! Not familiar with all the norm n exotics “DownUnder”. All I do know it doesn’t appear to be a Gardenia ! Wrong leafage (look at the gardenia leaf vining n edges for one) no close match. Flower not a match.

Sure is a pretty posey … bet it smells wonderful n exotic! Maybe some local horticulturalist will spot it n I.D. for you …

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:,


Hi Gerald,
Gordonia not Gardenia? :grinning:


Yes ! That’s correct ! No sweat ! Glad that’s solved !