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Arizona Hiker Stung by a 1000 Bees dies



Arizona is getting more than a fair share of Africanized bees. Possibly could be that. Article doesn’t say but the aggressiveness referred to makes me think that.


Other news sources did confirm the bees were Africanized. Poor guy was only 23. This can’t really help the reputation of mild-mannered bees. In the news Article I read, they said that Arizona had been hit quite hard by Africanized bees.


This is definitely a concern in our area. There is a large feral hive near where my wife and I like to hike just a few miles south of where this incident occurred. We always give it a wide berth but I am starting to think we should be carrying emergency blankets and veils as part of our hiking gear just in case. [Edit:added picture]


Plus benadryl syrup (easier to swallow if you tongue is swelling)…