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Auxiliary Equipment

Flow Friends,

I have three Flow 2 hives consisting of 2 broods/super each. I don’t have bees yet.

It has been suggested I have yet another, standalone brood box to be prepared for unexpected events. I’m going to do this but need to ask the question “What components comprise a single standalone brood box?”

Base, box, lid and frames would get you going. Other than that its up to you what “extras” you use, foundation being a very common one.


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You’ve got three hives (colonies) in the making if I read your post correctly. Why would you need another one just incase?? Borrow frames from one of the other hives if something goes awry.

If you’re that concerned just get a 4 or 5 frame nuc box and always ensure you have two standard frames of capped honey available in the freezer/wrapped and sealed. Personally, I think it’s overkill though.

Hi Bill,

A standalone brood box will look like your Flow Hive before you add your Flow Super.

  • Bottom board
  • Brood box
  • (Inner cover)
  • Roof

You could build this from our spare parts page or from a local supplier.


Brood boxes are available on this page: https://www.honeyflow.com/shop/flow-supers/p/132

The other thing you can do if you want to stick with the Flow Hive 2 design, is purchase a Flow Hive 2, and have the body as a backup in case you want to split your hive in Spring. You would use the wooden components except for the Super and then add this later when the bees have expanded.