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Availability of hive bodies, etc in the spring


I searched the forum and could not find anything to specifically answer this question so here we go.

I know that this time of year is busy with everyone getting their bee’s, ordering supplies, etc but is it typical for vendors to be short on deep hive bodies. I know the Flow company has struggled with this since and it seems like they have gotten caught up but would anyone like to comment on other online vendors?


Yes, vendors this time of year are often sold out of everything under the sun. And it may be worse by June or July when the main flow hits and people need supers. They should be caught up about August or so…


I have had issues with Kelley running out of foundation when I wanted some. They were the cheapest for the size I wanted. I had to go to Mann Lake instead - they had it and they delivered very fast, just a couple of days. My girls are such expensive princesses! :smile:



Very normal to have suppliers run behind or out now thru early summer. I try to be proactive n have a bit more than I personally need sitting around. I have one full extra 10 frame Langstroth setup here n ready with everything inside including frames, foundation, QE, n top feeders. I keep couple cardboard n 5 frame Nuc’s here too just in case.

I’m returning to beekeeping after being away many years but I still remember we had to be ready n have extra back in the 1950’ n 60’s. We only had Sears to order things from n that always took time.

I’m lucky as I have a small woodshop so something’s I can make myself. Sometimes I need a plan “B”. Maybe let the bees do some foundationless comb. Or use a larger or smaller box than planned. It’s good to be flexible.

relax n don’t sweat the small stuff.

Good luck Bro … And enjoy !


I can definitely see why a beekeeper would go from a basic craftsman to an intermediate craftsman or beyond. I definitely have the tools and enough experience to build my own if need be. Everything I have ordered up to this point has been cedar. I like the idea of having a wood that can withstand the elements for a long time and have the original wood look.

The only thing that I have noticed at this point is when I search at the local hardware stores for cedar in the dimensions that the deep boxes are I cant find it. Most of the lumber there is in the typical dimensional lumber measurements. Curious how they are getting solid pieces of cedar that is over 12" wide?


I bet they use 1x10" nominal once cured, and just trim one edge. If you can’t get wide enough planks yourself for deeps, you could always join a couple of 1x6" pieces (and trim) or two 1x5" if you can get them.

I understand that Bee Thinking has a deal with a local lumbar yard/saw house and get the parts custom milled for them. @beethinking knows the real truth about this! :smile:


@Dawn_SD I thought the same thing that the boards were glued together but in all the images I have looked at I could not see any seams. I have done this in the past and as long as it was done properly you would not have any issues. I will know for sure this evening when I get home. My flow hive is sitting at my front door right now.


Bee Thinking doesn’t glue boards, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t :wink: