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Bear Got to my Hives - Salmon colored combs brood?

Hi All,

I’m a new beekeeper this year and have 2 flow hives. I have a pesky bear who has gotten to my Hives 3 times. We have since built a fence and solved that problem. I have checked the Hives twice since the bear incidents. It’s been a little over 2 weeks since the last bear attack and I did my second check yesterday.

One of the Hives is recovering well. I saw a full frame of honey and a full frame of brood, lots of bees and activity.

The other Hive has less bees and I am unsure about brood. Are these salmon colored combs full of uncapped brood? If so, what is the salmon colored material on top of the brood?

Thanks for your help.


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That looks like pollen resources to me which is great for brood rearing.


Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

As @Tim_Purdie says, not brood. That is bee bread = mixture of honey and pollen. Good for baby worker bees. :blush:


As the others have said it is pollen which the bees store for food along with honey. The pollen color will change depending on what is flowering at the time.
Welcome to the forum, you will find lots of reading and nice folk to give good sound advice here to your questions.

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