Bee suit purchase

I ordered a bee suit quite some time ago. What is the time line I can expect for delivery?


According to the website the suits will ship in September.

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I just received my bee suit and hive tool this morning. I did order the “early bird” special and was told it would be here sometime in June, so, right on schedule. Hope this helps.

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Thanks Kevin. I also bought mine during the early bird. That’s why I’m wondering why I haven’t received it yet. Also, I’ve recently been diagnosed with an allergy to bees. I refuse to give my girls up so it is imperative that I get a bee suit soon so I may take care of them. I had ordered the suit before I found out about my new allergy.

Hi @Badgerett, your bee suit should be coming soon, customs and different rules for different countries have slowed some orders.

Hi Jake, do you mind giving me an update on my delivery as I had an early bird one as well and I can’t find the order status in on the portal? Thanks, Bojan

Hi Bojan, Best bet is to log in to the website. all your order details should be there. If you are after information specific to your order it is best to contact us via our contact page.

I received one of my beekeeping suits but the other one still shows queued. So I know the address is correct. When will it be shipped?

Check in your user account and see what it says under the order tab!

It says December 2015, and that’s when my flow frames are supposed to come. I shouldn’t have to wait that long for my Bee suit since I was one of the first ones to order them.

I would send a message then, asking about it.

The beesuits will come sooner, the exact dates I’m not sure of. They are getting made and shipped as fast as we can. Most people should have them by now, it looks like there are only a few more of the indigogo orders to be shipped. If yours doesn’t arrive in the next few days please contact our support team as @sara said above.

I contacted the support team last week. I haven’t heard anything in return. Are all the Indiegogo orders sent out now?

Hi @LivingH2O, I see the last email in our system (from the email you have used to access this forum) is from about 20 days ago and there was a reply from us about 5 days after that. Perhaps try again, if you have any issues please PM me and I can check if your emails are coming through properly.

Ok, trying again. Will PM you if I don’t hear anything.

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OK, I am beginning to think this whole thing is a big scam. I ordered my suit in June, it is now late October and still no suit. I am beginning to wonder if I will even see my FlowHive in December as promised. Are we all just being ripped off? What is the big delay. I mean, come on< 4 months for a delivery? I’ve received other items from all over the world. I’m just not buying the whole “customs” excuse anymore.

Hi @Badgerett, I’m sorry to hear your bee suit hasn’t arrived. The best thing to do is to contact our support team They are all set up to see what is happening with your order. I’m sure they’ll be able to resolve the issue quickly.

i dont think its a scam as i have received my order along with many others.

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