Bee video. - Entrance to a Flow hive brood box

Enjoying the afternoon watching the girls

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Hi Daz, nice video, those bees look familiar :slight_smile:

The other day I saw some other familiar bees in a neighbors bin for storing fertilizer. I put them in a brood box, to discover what looks like a very young queen. I left them there, just in case the queen still needs to be mated. Wilma went back a couple of times to discover angry bees. She doesn’t think they’re ours, on account of the aggression. The timing is about right, because I have three colonies making new queens. One of them may have swarmed with the first virgin to emerge.

Lucky the lady has gone away for two weeks. If they are angry, I’ll remove them before the lady comes home. If not, I’ll leave them there because the lady will be interested in seeing the progress after two weeks.

Wilma went to put two more frames with foundation into the hive without smoke. Then she blow some bees off the edge of the box, before replacing the lid. The increase in CO2 had an immediate effect. She copped 3 stings & our grandson got 3.


Good to know. Bees really don’t like our Mamal breath. I got a soft brush from a bee supplier which is very useful.

It’s the CO2 us mammals exhale that triggers bee’s defensive mechanisms. The thing that hits home to me is how quickly the bees react to it.

With that in mind, a good strategy is to not breathe while walking past bee hives. Especially after we’ve been working hard, which make us breathe harder.