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Bees are too large for Flow Hive?


Flow hive has been on 1.5 days and I see a lot of bees wandering about but not getting into the flowhive cells.
They attempt to enter but the abdomen seems too large to go in.

I checked the side to make sure no back the front cells and they are good

Any comment?


They were investigating - they don’t need their abdomen in just as long as they can get head in - is the local nectar flow slowing?


.[quote=“Valli, post:2, topic:5207”]
they don’t need their abdomen in
That’s good, Thanks Valli
The Marri seems to have lost its shine so to speak. There are patchy new trees coming into blossom. However we have a few enormous E.botriodes just starting to flower and standing under a 30m tree the noise of the bees in the canopy is really noisy.
With about 150 to 200 trees within a radius of 500m they should take up where the Marri leave off

Edit: I measured the tree height and it is only 21 m high not 30m as I said above,



Your’s flow frame cells seems to be misaligned. I guess that could be normal (I have not received my flow frames yet). I would have assumed they would be perfectly aligned. What are your thoughts?

I’d like to know if this is normal, because, if it is, I am bound to see the misalignment in my frames and post a forum question looking for answers.



Hiya Busso, I propped a board off a hive with matchsticks to aid with ventilation and was blown away minutes later when bees started crawling through the gap.
Beautiful part of the world you live in there mate.


@ Lorne, that is the normal look of the Plastic Flow-frames. Don’t panic ! :blush:


Yes it is nice here. Where you?


Hiya Busso, if that really is your name. :wink:
I’m on the Darling Scarp here in the city, Kalamunda way. Used to go down to Busso regularly when I was younger, crowded and busy now, man the place has grown. Got a few friends down there still so perhaps I’ll pop in one day to have a go on that stump. :grinning:


Your welcome.
Only 12,000 odd when we moved here in 84. Going on 36,000 now.
With it has come things like , parking is a nightmare in holiday period, I once new most people walking down the street, now I only occasionally see somebody I know, violent crime up, burglary,up, home invasions up, pub brawls up, yes as Zorba said “the whole catastrophe” and we call it progress. I out Chapman Hill way on the Whicher Ranges which makes it a little nicer and try not to go to town too often. Am honorary Membership Officer for the local RSL so that gets me to town once a week… its a struggle to get me to town otherwise.LOL