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Bees flying outside hive


I have a lot of bees flying around the outside of the hive.


Congratulations!!! :blush:


Thanks, they just swarmed 15 days ago.


Very sad about that for you… But I couldn’t tell that from your message above. :cry:


Have you looked around your area? If you can get the swarm back this could be re-combined with your hive at a later date to make them strong again.


could not find them. The hive has recovered in 15 days. This is my first 8 frame all others are 10 frame and have never had a swarm before. I used a 5 frame nuc and they filled the hive in 37 days and swarmed.


Congratulations! Your bees are normal!



Sorry you lost the Swarms. I had one of my Spring Nuc’s finally swarm on me too. It was PACK n on a hair trigger I couldn’t change its mind. One day I was working in my garden n heard the pitch of the bees quickly RAISE… I rushed over and saw a cloud of bees. Toooooo late ! They headed to the top of one of my tallest trees … Never had a chance on that hive. It’s back up n purring now !!

I’ve been able to keep ahead of my other three colonies. Actually one of my four colonies is a swarm I caught 12 miles from us. 2016 is my first season after being away for 55 yrs. Loving being back into beekeeping and knowing Swarming happens.

You’ll get better at managing your hives n reduce your losses but it will happen.

I do see masses of :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:’s out at times but usually they are orienteering new foragers. They rock back n forth getting slowly higher n higher checking out the territory.
Take care n enjoy your :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:’s