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Bees gathering propilis from unmixed compost?

First attempt to put up a video from a newly made channel. See next post. {{Edit: Looks like it worked!}}

I would assume gathering moisture??

Water I would hazard. I’ve seen bees lined up along a pool of cows’ poo.
Propolis is made by bees from gathered resin

Water was my first thought, but @Cowgirl thought that there was plenty of water. So option number 2 was propolis - normally from resinous plants, but who knows what goes into compost, unless you make your own. :smile: Lot of pine trees etc in Pennsylvania.

Bees seem to prefer “dirty” water to clean. Maybe because of minerals in it? Who knows. But the existence of a fresh water source doesn’t mean they won’t look for water in different places.

Option 3 is that they are gathering dust as pollen because there is no pollen available…

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Moisture: Lot’s of pollen available in the Northeast. I’m near you and I have Maples in bloom.

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