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Bees outside at night


I know that someone will probably asm to see the clearer I made so here it is.
Sorry for the blurry picture, but you can still see the swinging door inside - just a bit of mesh hanging on a loose staple - but it’s working…

Cheers, Ian


Reminds me of trying to get into a difficult nightclub :scream:


That’s my intention @Faroe … And it seems to be working LOL

I entrance in, manned by a huge bee with ink ‘sleeves’ on the rope chain, and a backdoor that locks as you leave…

They still wander round in the night, but I suspect it is them just cleaning up after the ‘riff-raff’ have gone home. Could it be the ‘wash boarding’ behaviour I have seen mentioned elsewhere?

Cheers, Ian


Thanks for the videos Ian and that confirms robbing going on from what you have there. I like the idea of the smaller screened entrance.
Wash boarding at night is more often at night from a very big colony for the size of the hive and all the bees ‘in for the night’ and in hot weather. Bees don’t fly at night, so I doubt it is a defensive posture.


Thanks so much @Peter48,

This is a really steep learning curve! Thanks for the praise on my design work - studying architecture at the moment, so implemented some of the skills learned lol. The smaller escape has helped greatly with clearing out any robbers that do get through the first entrance.

I was at my wits end before this, now I am hoping for a good storm to drive my girls all inside. Then I plan to close them in for a day or so with a wet cloth rolled up against the bottom of the screen so they have water while I deal harshly with any bees that turn up on the outside.

My suspicions are that they are from a swarm somewhere, as I went for a walk around the block today and it’s easy to spot my girls, who quietly go about their business on the local crepe myrtles, while there are other bees dashing around and acting defensively when you approach the bush - getting right in your face if you get to close (but not real close for domesticated bee standards).

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to help a newbie - greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Ian

PS. I found out what wash boarding actually is today - and yes I was way off lol.