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Bees, the most beloved friends of my childhood or the story of a naughty bullied boy

Hi all,

after my bee rescue at sea story I would like to give one more story to the best.

with about 10 years of age I was a thin little fellow and we had two neighbor boys in our little village who were much more strong and twice the size.
More than that they were well known Bullies and used every opportunity to kick a butt or just threw the weaker ones in muddy trenches.

I earned thanking the bees of grandpa a little bit respect because over the years I didn’t bother bee stings when working with them.
To be honest they didn’t happen often but every child in our surrounding had a hell of a respect to get too close to the shed with our beehives beside myself.

Then that specific day came.
I was running right into these two bullies and they were just out to find somebody for a treatment.
Beside the two there were off cause the group of we called them “butt lickers” of our school who thought better to be part of it instead being permanent victim.
But within seconds I grounded one of them and the whole group went on a hunt for me.
The situation was scary:
I about 200 meters from Grandpa’s house but the old man was shopping.
to my parent’s house 1 kilometer hence no chance to reach them before the mob was outrunning me.

So I had only one decision left. The Bee shed of Grandpa.

I made it just in time as one of these bullies had already hold on my jacket.
We came from behind the bee shed and as I arrived at the open side I gave one of the hives a good smack on the head and unexpected by myself the shelf with the hives transmitted the punch to all other hives.
The air turned black in a second and not even I realized before how many soldiers 20 hives have on standby ready for a counterattack :joy:
But I am honest when I claim that never a bee sting was such a pleasure (must have been 30 in total even I froze to a rock)
But the screaming of these two bullies and they followers was such a enlightenment and their crying was heard in all the neighborhood.

The best was that the parents of these two bullies visited my parents to complain and show their lovely blistered boys still crying with faces like an apple crumble.
My mum was just not holding back and mouthed the neighbors off about their incapability to raise children but most time she was laughing because I wasn’t crying at all. Every sting visible was a decoration for me an I was so proud see these bullies suffering.

I never have been bullied again and today one of the two is my best friend who also moved to Thailand and we founded our Offshore Consultant Company with a huge success.

The bee story is still here and there told with a good lough following…


What a story Willy! Reassuring knowing you have an army of 60,000 defenders on side :slight_smile:

I have my doubts that they really were on my side as they were not making prisoners at all.
I took enough poison that I went to sleep in that afternoon and slept all the way through till the next day lunchtime.
I was not allergic hence I guess bee poison has some good sleep supporting properties because I had years earlier steered up a wasp nest and the effect was the same beside it was much more agony and pain. That this poison protects you from rheumatism is a well known fact where I come from.

My mate (the bully) still comes up with the phrase:
“If Willy wants to eat honey, he is chewing a handful of bees”