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Building an on line scales to watch the flow of honey


If you are beekeeper also into home electronics you might be interested in this
Bee scales

So far it has proved that we are having a very bad year in the UK !!!


It really does depend where you are.
Some folk have already extracted lots of OSR and beekeepers in parts of the London suburbs, Home Counties and South East have super stacks groaning with Lime nectar.


Its bad here in Wales I’m having to feed them.


In Wales too,
Only the baby nucs are being fed.
The big hives are just eating their stores…there is plenty of balsam though :slight_smile:


I had a look at your scales, ingenious :slight_smile: Not sure how the Pool, Panel & Pump relate on your data?


The Raspberry Pi was already in use in the greenhouse where we dug a pool - they can multi-task !