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Can we get a good quality Logo?


Someone said a funny thing in jest. But actually it makes sense - If we had a decent Flow Logo we could make t-Shirts @Cedar Your thoughts?

The comment was to go in a Flow t-shirt


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For the t-shirt you need a clear png so it shows up OK when size increases. If you use a Bitmap or Jpeg it will pixelate when size increases.

Blame HHH


Is this for your local Bee Club meetings @Valli ? … Are you intending on stirring the pot? … :stuck_out_tongue: Love to be a fly on the wall at the next meeting when wearing the T-shirt. I get into enough trouble from the old timers at the meetings just from suggesting they fix their Facebook page and for the committee members to use email to communicate instead of letters.


@Rodderick Strange you should say that about Facebook, they don’t seem to update webpages etc. Really annoying when looking for events, times etc - it all still seems word of mouth after the original group sent an email - yes some do use email but they don’t seem to trust it for informing peeps???

“I don’t stir I’m a Chef” - I need that on a t-shirt LOL

HHH said I needed to go with a t-shirt “Go with the Flow”

I thought a bit of RP would not go astray when the Flows were flooding into the country. The chap I spoke to who organised the gig I missed, said he was interested in Flow - I think I may have a few talks coming up this winter with various clubs - there is interest but a load of scepticism as well.

Watch this space!


Oh Nice! … would be great to do a talk or two, it’ll give you some respect in the club. At my club you can’t talk unless you’ve been a member for 30 years, well thats the way they make you feel. Anyhow, they wonder why their membership is high but most leave a year later. I have done some talks for the local community garden clubs, people are genuinely fascinated by bees. Looking forward to hearing how you go.


I’m hoping I can do one for the local schools and the scouts


I took the Flow logo from honeyflow.com and converted it into an SVG file. SVG files are vectorised images and ‘truly lossless’. However, the uploader does not support SVG so here they are in PNG, in case someone’s still looking:

logo with name:

and the logo alone:

They’re not too high-res (the uploader didn’t support those) but I can mail them as SVG or a higher-res PNG if required. Vectorization added a mild border effect to the text which I decided to retain. It gives a ‘flow’ effect to the text.


I love this from the Christmas message:

I would pay for a t-shirt or sweatshirt with that on it, without the Season’s Greetings! :smiley:



Crop it and print it on t-shirt transfer paper


But I want it silk-screened - quality stuff like my hives! :imp:



Nice try, but the link seems broken for me… :frowning:

I even tried the search term in Amazon.com, but it came back with no results. Maybe it would work in amazon.co.uk? If so, I could order one to be delivered to my Mum in Gloucestershire, then pick it up next year! :smile:

Thank you for the effort!



Try copy paste the link below and put a . between amazon and com


That worked, thank you Dee! Awesome. :smile: