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Commerical supply of australian honey


Hi Everyone,
I am an importer wholesaler looking for multi pallet supplies of pure honey in my own label 375ml squeeze bottle…I have pricing to bring in honey in the 375ml bottle from India however i want to supply my customers with australian honey. I need a very competitive price. I have customers in VIC/WA/SA/NSW and QLD.
Is there anyone who can potentially fit this criteria and willing to supply.
Regards Lee


Hi Lee,
Might be advised to let people know how much honey you are looking for and where you are located, it can be very costly to transport honey due to weight.


Probably not the right forum to be asking that question.
There are a few commercial honey members but currently from what I see they are doing very nicely just
supplying their demand.
The bulk of us on here are in the 1 to 3 hive with some 4-10 and are more interested in the top dollar they can get at markets and local call in.
I wish you luck though, maybe somebody out there.