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Condensation in the Flow Hive Roof

I have noticed that there is a fair amount of condensation building up in the flow hive roof over the past few weeks. Conditions have been fairly dry for about week or so and this condensation is enough to cause small fungal growth to appear.
Any ideas ? If it does this during the summer, this could become a real issue in the winter. Would mess covered vents holes solve the issue ?

Put a hole in each end of the roof and either put mesh over it or pop along to a hardware store and buy a couple of those round plastic vents that you Mum used to have in her kitchen cupboards doors. That will increase the air flow thru the hive, You could also cut a piece of hessian out of a potato sack and lay that under the roof, it will absorb the water out of the air but remember to take it out to dry, maybe check the hessian weekly till you figure out a time frame.
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Many thanks. 20mm holes drilled and meshed. Waiting now to see how his affects the condensation problem.


It will get through draft in the roof and in my climate I fitted 35mm vents, one each end, and it stopped mold and moisture dead in its tracks. I was told by many that the bees would wax the vents up and it was a waste of time but after 2 years all of the vented hives are clear so I am making more vented roofs to do all in my apiary. I am not saying it will work as a benefit in all climates but it has for me here Bruce…