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Contacted Flow about missing pieces, no reply


I sent an email using the contact form on the honeyflow website about a missing spring on Saturday and still have not received a reply. I am missing a spring for one of the latches. Also, when do the actual “flow” frames come in? I see that the status listed as “Shipped, Queued.”


I’d give them a little time, with the Easter holiday, they may be backed up from emails.


Also, does anyone know how to make or the size of the flexible tube to go into a jar? I saw them on the videos and would like to do the same. I would like to cut a hole in the top of a plastic mason jar lid and run the flexible tube to it.


All you need is a 1 inch internal diameter (ID) food grade tube. Most are PVC. Home Depot has some, and any local brew supply store will have something too. For the jars, I bought 64oz mason jars from Amazon - each jar will hold around a full frame.


I can see your email that you sent. Considering it was Easter and a public holiday on Friday and Monday - it will take a couple of days to get back to you after our Easter break.

Sorry you are missing a spring, sometimes this is intertwined with the other spring. Could you please check this.

A team member who is working on shipped order issues will get back to you email as soon as they can.

The Flow Frames are due to ship in the next couple of weeks as soon as the next stock arrives in from Australia.


It is not intertwined. I had a friend of mine over who helped me look around the surrounding area when I built it and we could not find it in the box, on the table, or on the ground.


Well bummer. I was hoping you would find yours that way, I did.

You can install the latch without it and just snug it up enough to hold. When the new spring arrives you can install it them.


That is what I did already. It isn’t a crucial part, but still is missing.


Unfortunately due to the nature of springs, it’s one of the few parts that can’t be counted by the machines that count the screws and other parts, which means they all get bagged by hand…hundreds of thousands of them. This means there is a higher chance of error than the machine counted screws.

Flow will work with us and we’ll ensure you get the missing spring!


Also missing a spring from my kit, but I would rather just go out and grab one from a local hardware store. Is there a certain name you guys use for that spring, like a triangle spring or something? Trying to search for them online too, not sure what they’re called. Thanks!


They are just small compression springs. Look in the plumbing department with the repair parts for older faucets.


Very helpful, thanks!