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Could a Trap-out Prevent Swarming?

I successfully did a trap out from a large tree a few weeks ago & I’m currently trapping bees out of 2 house wall cavities.

I think that a trap-out from a beehive would have to be the easiest trap-out to do. Now I’m starting to wonder if a trap-out would be an effective way to reduce the bee population of a hive that is showing signs of over population, such as bearding etc.

Food for thought… I guess there is no substitute for a brood inspection. However…Hmmm


Naughty! You’ll be encouraging folk to bleed bees and not look in. :wink: Mind you those bees have to be put somewhere.

Hi Dee, I think the idea is too radical to ever get off the ground. Especially if folks look at some of the Youtube videos on trap outs. A brood inspection will appear to be much easier.