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Creates robbing situations? Is that true?

I’m very interested in getting a honeyflow hive (I’m in Florida, so it’s pretty hot year round) - I have some regular langstroth hives, taken care of by a local bee keeper, who says the honeyflow creates robbing situations and is very messy. Obviously I don’t want that, but I also read a great article by beekeepinglikeagirl.com about the honeyflow hives, and she doesn’t seem to think this is a huge issue. Would love to hear back from people who have the flow hive, does it create robbing? Is it particular messy? I don’t intend to do a lot of harvesting, no more than once a year, I just want to be able to look inside, and show people etc., but don’t want it if it’s goign to cause problems for the flow hive or for my other hives. He seems to think robbing is more of a problem year round (not just when harvesting), that the honey smell coming from this hive is much stronger than in a langstroth, where it’s completely sealed in wood

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Absolutely not true if you learn how to use it properly. Sure it will if you misuse it, but so will a traditional hive. I know Hilary Kearney personally (she is in my beekeeping society), and you can rely on her opinion of Flow. :blush:

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Harvesting from the flow frames during the day during a dearth with out covering the out put can lead to some keen interest. I either make sure my containers are covered or now harvest after dark to avoid bees.


Golly. Never even considered harvesting after dark! What a good idea.
I think my bee keeper is concerned about general robbing, not just at harvesting. He seems to think that year round, it’s a problem, more than in a regular langstroth, that’s what worries me.

General robbing as an issue is no different in a flow hive as opposed to a normal langstroth. Fortunately the preemptive and reactive methods of control are the same.

The only difference is the harvesting method. The tolerances in the wood work are as good or better than the premium quality from other suppliers.


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He may be a great beekeeper, but he is absolutely wrong about this. I have both Flow hives and regular Langstroths. There is no difference in robbing between the two types. Sorry, but he is just incorrect. You don’t need to worry.

I should also add that I have been keeping bees for over 30 years, so I have an experience base for this statement. :wink: