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Cumberland City, Tennessee

@Martha is just outside Nashville (50 or so miles from you) and I think she just completed her first Flow hive season. :blush:

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Dawn, thank you very much. I’ve reached out to Martha.


I right in Nashville, 12th South area, using Flow. It really is about the bees. Have you all treated with Oxycilic yet?

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Considering you had an amazing first year in bee keeping I’m amazed some of the club didn’t come by and see your successful hives. LOL!

I’m just south of you in Williamson county. I just took my supers off Oct 20th and am getting ready to treat for varroa while the weather warms up during the day still.

No worries. We have a solid two person club. :smiley:

Bill Baskin

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LOL! Indeed we do! We are working it!

Hey I am from Tennessee as well. In between Cookeville and crossville

I’m just south of Nashville a few miles. Nice to meet you Dan. :smiley:

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Just outside of knoxville here. Hello neighbors! V​:wave::grin:

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