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Customer service won't answer me


So, I was one of the first supporters. I assembled my hives last week and found the wood to be badly warped and the box joints totally off. I make furniture, and after sanding and planing, the boxes look terrible and have huge gaps. Worse, the wood is so warped the bees will get out where you collect honey in the frames.

I took many pictures and sent to customer service more than a week ago. I followed up several days ago. I have gotten no response. I called the US customer support phone number. I got a recorded message and then it hung up on me.

I am sure they are busy, but my girls are almost ready to be transferred and I’m getting no help.

Anyone have this experience? Any advice?

Thank you!



@Faroe will advise you to send photos, your order number and your e-mail address to faults@honeyflow.com I am sure! :wink: I would like to reassure you that they will put it right, but phone is not the best way to get a replacement. They need the photos before they can work out what needs replacing, so e-mail is the best way.



This is strange because I have replied to your email.
Then you emailed me back saying “will i ever get a response?”

Did you get the email we sent or not? Kinda confusing from my end as you can see.


Yes! Super strange! i don’t see any reply. What email would it come from so I can search for it? Perhaps send me something directly to jonnyvermont@me.com to make sure it’s working. Thank you!


It would have been sent from info@honeyflow.com or faults@honeyflow.com


So I have emailed you again now from info@honeyflow.com - let me know if you get this one.


I got it! I’m going to take the blame here. The good folks in customer service did contact me quickly, but I couldn’t find it in my crazy spam filter.

We are now in contact. I am hoping they send me a replacement quickly do I can move my girls.

Thank you!


Okay no worries :slight_smile:

They will do there best to get everything sorted as quickly as humanly possible :wink:

I hope your next package arrives in sterling condition :bee: