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Damage super cassetes

a few flow cells have broken at the opening, some plastic has been broken off inside the cassette.
When closing after draining, a cassette broke a lot, the top was not strong enough.
Are the flow cassettes not strong enough?
My flow cassettes are otherwise fairly new, the tubs have only been used this summer. Flow super arrived late, and the autumn was therefore not so big approx. 10 kg. I’m trying to attach a photo of the broken cassette.

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Hi Peter, thank you for getting in contact and bringing this to our attention. I am really sorry and intrigued to hear that this has happened to your Flow Frame. I am very happy to quickly remedy this for you, but also hope that you are able to help me with some questions beforehand so I can best assist you. Can you please email info@honeyflow.com and I can assist you with this issue.

Can you please include photographs of the damaged Flow Frame, as well as the model number of your Flow Frame located to the bottom left of the round honey trough opening? It should read ‘BZ’? These will both be enormously helpful for our manufacturing team to assist in address quality control.

There is another number to the left of the adjustment screw on the non-harvest end of the Flow Frame. It is very small, so and to make it visible, you can use a pencil to colour it in and then wipe over it with your finger tip to take off the top layer. (Please see the photos attached: If you are unable to get a photograph of this to me, can you please let me know what number it is by first writing down the number the arrow is pointing at (in these photos it is a 6), and then writing the two numbers within the circle and on either side of the arrow (in this example they are 1 and 6). The code, in this case, is 6/16.)

I will then organise for a replacement Flow Frame to be sent out to you as soon as possible.

Once again I apologise, and thank you for your understanding and patience.
– Leah.


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