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Dangers of the FlowHive :-)


I have to warn you fellow beeks of the time stealing abilities of the FlowHive.
Here is my story: Got the FlowHive last year but never used it due to new hives and all, so I have had a long time to think about the whole thing.
So on Sunday I finally put the FlowHive on the stronger of my 2 colonies after brushing some wax on the FlowFrames.
On Monday evening I went out there to check if the sisters are taking to that new invention and opened the observation windows to have a look and the next thing I know I was missing an hour out of my day!!! Not sure what happend but there seems to be some dark magic attached to the FlowHive :wink:


Sabine! You are totally wrong!! It isn’t the Flow hive, it is the bees!!!

They will steal your everything… Rusty’s blog explains what I mean right here:


You have a point but being able to open up a little window into their world doesn’t help :slight_smile:


hmm- the problem with addictions is- first one window is fine… but after some time- it just doesn’t cut it anymore. Then you will find yourself spending months and months designing and making new beehives- and end up with something like this:

Yeah- that’s what I’m talking about! And in case you wondering: there are more windows on the other side…,:sunglasses:


Oh my goodness - is that what I have to look forward to? the struggle is real :wink: