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Delivery Date for a new nuc


Should you expect the original delivery date for a nuc or package to be a date you can depend on and not one that is changed by several weeks? I am suppose to pic up a 5 frame nuc today at 5pm 2 weeks before I thought and the weather is terrible, it will be too late to deal with them, and I’m sick. I will deal with them tomorrow but just wondering if this is unusual for the date to be changed so much? Thanks


Your supplier who makes the nucs depends on how well the bee colonies grow and that is dependant very much on the weather.



The bees beat to a different drum than us. I’d planned on earlier delivery but the weather n thus the buzzy bees are not on my page.

Life of a beekeeper is less us n more them. I want my Nuc’s to be just so as well as that will bee. So I’m still waiting n on “bee time n schedule”. Your girls will be okay ! Get well Chet n enjoy ! Gerald :honeybee:


My package got moved up a week not long ago. So while that’s not a nuc my guess is changing deadlines runs in the industry.


My nucleus supplier just sent out a message saying that he expects delivery to be at least a week behind. It is raining in San Diego at the moment, and there will more rain next week, so that is holding the bees back a bit.


I urge all bee suppliers to tape a calendar to the underside of the nuc box lid so the bees know when to be ready.:grin:

“It’s April 9th; what do you mean my bees aren’t ready?!”


Lol man, you sure know how to make me feel dumb. I got it now though.