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Delivery Tracking Number


The time has FINALY arrived where I have received that LONG AWAITED email from the Flow Team telling me that they have now shipped my WRC kit. I have been given a tracking number # SXB5363270. My order number is AU-2242.

When I try and click on the tracking # link, it goes nowhere. I’m located in Australia and do not know how or with whom I am to track it with. With the hive coming from USA, does anyone know the freight company details so that I can keep an eye on the final stages. It’s been a long wait and I just would like to make sure that it is gunna arrive. I ave no seperate tracking number for the Super frames which I believe comes from Brisbane.

Anyone out there able to assist me with tracking ???

Thank you in advance



Mine came via UPS, but your tracking number looks to be in a different format. It may also be that the label has been printed, but not yet picked up by the courier.


All good. Just received an email from Bee Thinking who tell me that it was sent today with Aussie Post. Can track from tomorrow. Thanks for your support.