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Did someone here check if i do spam or not (been flagged for nothing)



i post some link about FREE document (like book) on the forum and somebodys flag me for that ?

have u got some moderator to seen that ? or everybody (like productiv
beestoller) can flag a good post to deliberate hide that for community ?
this is not a good way for your forum.

Can all the people flagged me explain that ? where is a spam ? where ?
they don’t take a look at the link they just put a flag to insure that
they are the king of forum…

Check that or die.



Hi Olivier, the system flagged your post as spam not the moderators, I just had a look and it seems OK so will un-spam you… cheers Rod


thanks bro
but how the system flag me , too links posted ? or what ?


Yes, it was the links, the system thought you were posting advertising. Hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience.


Of course, but I regularly post doc and books in my posts, how to make it happen no more?