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Dive bombed by bees - how to track back to hive?


So, last year my dogs and I were dive bombed while out walking several times in the area around my hives. At first I thought it was a outlying guard bee for one of my hives, but now I am thinking there is yet another hive nearby and that these bees are either in a tree or in the ground nearby. It always happens in much the same spot. If it is another feral hive, I want it. Any tips on how to track the bee(s) down to the source? Thanks!


I just watched this a couple days ago. It might be helpful. https://youtu.be/EAt0pkag9YY


I enjoyed that thanks for posting it.


As children (I was never a kid) we used to track bees like most indigenous cultures did.
Start at a water source, getting toward evening, where there were plenty of bees . Select the bees travelling away from the sun.
Follow a bee till you loose sight of it. Stop and wait for the next one, they are surprisingly easy to pick up with the sun on them.
If the hive is a long way away you tend to loose the track so start again and find a closer one.


Wow, what a fabulous video. My husband and I both loved it. Great way to start a Friday night! :smile:


I always resented being referred to as the offspring of a goat too, even by my own mother! :imp:


Brilliant! Can do this, exactly the info I was hoping to get - thank you so much @Busso. It’s off to the pond I go at sunset. :sunrise:


It’s fascinating @adanga - never thought about timing a return flight. Does anyone sell those little boxes? Way beyond my carpentry skills.


Could always make one from stiff Cardboard to do the same thing - or modify a plastic box