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Do I need to buy a new queen?


Not unless they have a swarming urge. At this time of year, that is unlikely if your hive isn’t overcrowded. You need to do a lot of reading. I don’t want to overwhelm you, but when you are ready, just ask, and we will give you more information on all of this stuff. For now, just keep on keeping on. :blush:


I agree with @Dawn_SD Shayne. Also see what your club member advises for your area.

If the bees supersede a queen, my understanding is that they wont swarm. If the bees make swarm cells, they will swarm unless for some reason they abort the idea. I’ve seen that happen on the odd occasion.

If your bees don’t swarm before winter, you’ll definitely need to read up on swarm prevention before coming out of winter. cheers