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Do queens make alarm noises?


Do queen make a high pitch alarm noise?

During today inspection I found my queen barely alive and dying, by the time inspection was over she die.

Also found 4 queen cells with one that seem to have emerged, I tell you as I was sitting there I can here like this low pitch alarm sounds coming from inside the hive, could that sound be a new virgin queen doing her round and eliminating her rival?

If anyone have hear this sound please share.


Queens ready to emerge will pipe.
Lots of examples on youtube


Here a little video of me finding 4 queen cells during today inspection with one possible already emerged.


This queen has a very small abdomen. My guess is that it is a virgin queen that lost the battle for dominance. A mated laying queen should be much larger then this.


You may be right about it being a virgin queen that lost the battle for ruler ship.