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Do you think this queen is a good layer? 😄


Just took this photo. There are more frames with space, so don’t worry that we might be honey-bound or running out of space soon. This hive is 8 weeks old…


she’s terrible… better uhm… send her to me for… uhm… inspection?! :smiley:


We had a garden party at our local community garden today, which is where the hive with that frame is located. We were asked to give a brief presentation about the bees, and both of us (David and I) were overwhelmed with the positive response of the local community to having a hive on the property. We had warned people that a new hive might take a week or two to settle down, but after that the bees should ignore them. Thankfully, the bees performed exactly as advertised and the gardeners are delighted to have 10,000+ new gardeners to help them produce more fresh food! :blush:

Everyone was curious, supportive and asked very good questions. We are very lucky to have such a welcoming group of non-beekeepers.


Hi Dawn, that’s a fantastic frame of brood & honey. Your on a winner there.


Start grafting immediately!