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First Harvest - Well Pleased

Thank you for the input. It was at gentle angle at first and the honey sat there and would not exit. It flooded so I raised it to get flow. I did crack maybe from 12 to 11 and watched it begin to open and then I could feel the pressure release on the handle as I set my fingers on handle to slowly feel to open and it was a flood of honey pouring out. The plastic tube fit in and fell out so they may work but not sure how to clear out propolis on plastic. plus they were pretty clean. To me poor design sorry on that point it is not a snug fir at all. There fore I can not use tubing therefore I will use a funnel to have the honey drain into the jar. It may work in Spring but never will I chance draining the flow on my hive. I will check all next time and I will continue to use but clearly not as designed and from crowd funding supporter. I will not get another. The pictures were just the start it just got worse and 100 dead bees under that got caught up in the flood. So I will raise it next time to allow bees on the frames to safely escape.

Hiya NeuManaHui, sorry to hear about your issue, I’ve been following your progress since you joined the forum. Ups and downs eh.
I have seen a few harvesting directly to jars and as there is no support for the hose at the jar end it makes sense that with the weight of the honey that the tube may fall out especially if the tube is a loose fit.
When I harvest I go into a bucket with holes cut into the lid which supports the tube and the bend on the pipe and puts pressure onto the tube at the Fframes pushing it against the Fframes so it cannot fall out, perhaps this is worth a try. This also keeps bees out of the harvested honey. :wink:
Maybe, if the tube is very loose you could wrap some tape around it to increase the diameter making a tighter fit?
Just my thoughts.


I am up to looking at that. I will work with it and thanks I mean for me a gravity drainer if it went smooth I would be pleased as I have 3 gallons fairly quick. and even lost a bunch. Plus I have to inspect the frames anyways so I take them out prior to harvest so I do not mind putting them on the table. It is close to my box anyways that is what I have my harvested frames in. At the same time I have 13 frames draining now on day 3? So yeah, I was even thinking of gluing it on. Velcro. LOL I can bee creative. Even housed a swarm in a cooler because a hurricane was going to hit and I had nothing to catch my bees but the cooler. :slight_smile: Thanks