Flow™ Frame Sterilisation / Irradiation / Disease Control

Hi Alan,
Please see this thread as well:

We have not tested the flow frames with bleach but we do not foresee any problems.
It is likely you will have to disassemble the frames in order to clean them. You will need to remove the wax from the frames (this in itself is not a simple task). Then bleach according to the following guidelines

"Therefore, properly cleaned hives and appliances to be treated must be immersed in fresh solution of sodium hypochlorite (in water) applied at concentrations of at least 0.5% for 30 minutes. This solution can be made by mixing at least one part bleach (3% concentration) to five parts water (refreshed every day)."
You should also add bleach to any water that is used to clean the frames in order to destroy the spores.