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Flow Hive 2 Roof Gable misaligned

Hi All, My Flow hive 2 has just arrived and I have started putting the roof together. Unfortunately the matching cuts in the gable and the underside of roof do not match.

It is causing the roof pieces to not be able to sit flush.

I am too concerned to do anything at this point.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Sean this may have been mentioned before in the forum. I think the 2 sections of the roof are side specific to match the 2 ends.
Can you try swapping them over?
Good luck.


Hi Gaz, regarless which way I put it the roof won’t fit.

I will look around around the forum for a fix.



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If you send your photos to info@honeyflow.com with your order number, Flow will help you out. Won’t they @Freebee2? :wink:


Thank you, I will send that off


@Dawn_SD we sure will - thank you for tagging me.

@Sean we’ll be happy to help - emailing us is the best option (the forum is more for beekeepers to chat amongst themselves about beekeeping matters). At a glance, it looks as though one of the components may be backwards or misaligned (as Gaz mentioned).

Kieran will likely assist you with this one - once we receive your email we’ll make sure you have a perfectly functioning hive in no time :slight_smile:


The right hand frame has been mis-cut when manufactured. A fix would be to plane off the top edge of the roof at the right angle till it slid into place with both sides of the roof almost touching with the roof sections sitting in the correct slot positions of the gable.
The other option is to contact flow and they will replace it if you send a pic and your order information as @Freebee2 has advised.

Hi @Freebee2 email has been sent.

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Thanks @Peter48 yea I measured the sides they are different lengths and neither are the right length for the underside cut outs. I’ll chat with Flow and see what can be down.


Thanks @Sean, I’m sure that won’t take long to sort for you :slight_smile:

@Freebee2 I’m having a similar issue. I tried to sand down the top piece more than I thought I needed. This is what the “correct” side looks like:

Here is the misaligned side:

We didn’t notice it until we had painted it. Is this something that is an issue or just cosmetic? Thanks!


Hi Noel,
I’m sorry to see this.
Could you please email info@honeyflow.com for assistance and include these photos with your email? We will get this sorted out for you ASAP.
Thanks so much.

Hi Freebee I had a post here but got no replies so I might ask you.

My roof was leaky but I fixed it. I’m having water pooling on the Corflute after rains and condensation forming on back plates of flow frames… Could it be leaking through observation window or back covers? I can’t check before spring. Anything I can do to prevent this?

@Honeyeater thank you for letting us know about this issue. Could I trouble you to please email this query to customer support (info@honeyflow.com) so we can assist you with this? Many thanks :slight_smile:

It is much more likely it is condensation from the humid weather rather than rain water leaking in as you have fixed up water leaking in via the roof.
I had to add extra ventilation to my Flow hives to fix that issue.

Thanks Peter. It still doesn’t explain water pooling on the Corflute. That is why I asked whether it is possible for rain water to leak through the side windows or back covers and what others do if they find water pooling on the bottom.

Being winter I am worried that I won’t be able to open and investigate.

I found before I began using a hive mat that the humidity in a hive condensed mainly in the roof to condense to water droplets there and then dripped or ran down the sides of the box to gather on the cor-flute. It was mostly an issue in the hot and humid Summer I have here, my Winter is a dry season. I haven’t had water getting in the side window or draining cover as any gap there soon got filled in by propolis.
My fix was to increase ventilation by adding a vent into the roof at each end and using a hive mat. Another possible entry is wind driven rain in the entrance and running thru the mesh onto the cor-flute.