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Flow Hive Hack due to no support


I received my flow hives with three round caps missing one one rectangular cap missing. I contacted support twice, but no answer and my girls can’t wait. So, I am forced to make due. Here is my solution. I hope I can get them out!


Hi Jonathan,
Again it seems you may need to check your spam filters like last time.
I can see 2 emails on our end which we have replied to twice.
The parts have already been ordered, and should be on there way soon.


Thank you for the reply. My computer must eat messages from you, because a search does not find anything other than a summary of the forum. But no matter, I am pleased to hear you are sending the replacement parts.


Yes it’s strange. Maybe you need to login directly to your email server, e.g. me.com (or whatever the URL is), then search in there and add honeyflow’s contact info so our emails won’t be caught as spam.


Email issues aside, I do like the creative use of cork! Will keep this in mind when I inevitably fat-finger the caps and lose them in the grass. :slight_smile:



Probably overly so, I’d like to mention that until your replacement parts arrive, I’d make sure that the wood you use in the upper part cannot expand with changes in humidity and temperature or else it might crack the plastic.