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Flow Hive story to be shown on Australian TV next Monday


The Flow Hive story is going to be featured on Australian Story next Monday night 26 october. ABC TV at 8.00pm (EST) and will be on iview if you cannot view free-to-air.


@Rodderick Rod we can watch it in UK by logging in to the site, Thanks!


Sadly iview appears to not be available to the US.


We’ll see what we can do to make it available to everyone… without breaking the law of course. :wink:


I was sort of hoping…


Check out this video on YouTube:

Story from Australia about the Flow Hive.


Thank you!!..


I loved the stunned, blank looks on Stu and Cedar’s faces when they were sitting down with the fellow telling them about business models. The story makes you appreciate the effort they put into getting the unexpected avalanche of orders fulfilled as quickly as they did.


It looks like it’s on again this Monday, being tomorrow night. I wonder it it’s a repeat or an update. I just checked, it is an update.

In the promo, the words “beekeepers dream” was mentioned. A REAL beekeepers dream would be to have a hive where you didn’t have to manage the brood.


I was a COP for 23 years, so I know how to break the law - legally of course :grin:


Can’t agree with you there Jeff about the dream. Having native bees is more along the lines of no maintenance and I now want to get in to the honey bees for the actual hands on stuff - that’s my dream


You will grow up one day, and want to do both! :smiling_imp:


What better way to be ‘hands on’, than to have a 2 frame honey spinner, decap the frames once you know the honey is ripe, then spin the honey out. Then watch that beautiful golden liquid pour out the honey gate.

On the subject of ‘beekeepers dream’. My dream would be to have honeybees without stings, bees that don’t swarm, no pests or diseases. A smoker that doesn’t go out. I guess if those things weren’t with us, there would be no challenges.

I don’t play golf, but I reckon part of the thrill must be playing to try & overcome the challenges.


Yeah, it’s a follow up. This is from the Flow email:

If you want to check it out, the updated Australian Story “The Flow On Effect” will be airing this Monday, 12th September 8pm on ABC TV.


And you forgot a “honey that doesn’t crystallise all year round” … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: