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Flow hive with vertical pipe for bees entrance

Great thanks for that … now to spend some $$$$

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So, i’m wondering if a larger pipe would be better? Thoughts.

I’ve never had a lot of luck with long pipes for entrances. My observation hives always seem to do the best with a short tube. Like not more than 3 feet or less.

Welcome to the forum @9magenta and pmh69.
The ideal entrance according to bee scientist Thomas Seeley is 15 square cm which is about 4.5 cm diameter so 90mm is too large.
I get a lot of information from watching the entrances, having it out of sight wouldn’t work for me. Regular inspections would have the patio buzzing also.
Having the 45° cut on the top pipe would be better inverted to the drawing to keep water out if you were to go this way.

I think you should try a hive on the patio without a pipe first. If you get nice bees, you shouldn’t have much trouble. If you feel you need a pipe after a while, try a shorter one first, then go longer if that doesn’t work.

Getting back to the no-pipe idea. You might get away with a side screen or something like that

So the reason I wanted to have the bees entering above the patio was to not upset my neighbours as we are reasonably close to them. Any other ideas would be great

If neighbours are a potential problem then your pipe entrance could be a goer. You cannot site your hive elsewhere?


I am just being cautious more than anything

You could build a large screen, covered with shade cloth to place between the hive & the neighbors.

I knew I’d seen different chimney hive entrances, just took me a while to find a couple of links. No experience with either design.




Well done Adam, I think the chimney idea looks like a good idea for urban beekeping. I wonder if over enthusiastic guard bees would come down to ground level to attack unsuspecting people.

I guess that is the premise Jeff the guard bees in these ones stay at the entrance of the hive at the base of the hive and it is only the bees leaving the hive that use the chimney.

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I have had the odd bee attack me quite a few meters from the hive. It seems a lot of infrastructure for just one hive. But if it works, why not.

All the urban beekeepers need to do then, is stop the bees from swarming. That’s not much of a challenge :slight_smile:

Being in WA I think I will make something but it helps with ideas

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It is why I point my backyard hives at walls/fences. The guard bees don’t see us and cause a problem.

I can see why you would make something. Just remember the screened bottom and inspection port opposite the hive entrance in the chimney.

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I would be interested in an update on this project.

Some additional factors.

Some Perth Local Governments have a minimum distance from neighbouring property doorways and require a hive location map showing distances from doorways, fences don’t seem to count, this map must be supplied to the Council before approving the keeping of bees.

In my local government district, the minimum distance from a hive to a neighbouring property doorway is 5 metres, irrespective of hive orientation, fences or height differentials.

When upset my bees will chase people off at 10 metres and sometimes even out to 20 metres.

We also have a height differential between my hives and the balcony of 5 metres and when upset if someone leans over the balcony the girls come chasing stinger first, even though the front of the hives face away from the house.

You also need to consider lighting.

At night bees are often attracted to lights. What is the risk of bees entering your or your neighbours’ property after dark? Often they just buzz around the light, however, when they drop dead you have the risk of a primed stinger that can penetrate the bottom of a foot if stepped on.

Also consider sources of water. Swimming pools, spa’s, ponds and water features are all popular spots for bees to water from. If you have bees you are responsible to ensure they have adequate water, unfortunately the bees don’t care about your water source, they will choose whatever suits them at the time.

Last but not least, are any of the neighbours or their friends allergic to bees? No matter if it was one of your bees or not if the neighbour knows you have bees they will blame your bees, especially if they end up in the hospital, or worse.

Please be considerate of neighbours, children and pets as not all properties are suitable for keeping bees.

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Thanks for your interest I am building the chimney in the centre of my property it has two seperate buildings I will let u know how it progresses

For reference, these are my shire’s local laws in regarding keeping beehives. I live on 2000m² block, and still struggled to find a good spot for my hives away from streets, my neighbours, and safe for my kids. Technically, I’m not within the rules, which annoys me.

Best thing to do is to talk to the neighbours too, and give them honey once you have some to spare. Keep them on your side. Keep in mind, that once they know you have bees, whenever they get stung by anything, it is going to be your bees.


Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. :wink:
Although I’m registered with the ag dept I refuse to register with the council.
Local council Quote. "Where complaints regarding bees are received, the complaint will be investigated to ensure that any nuisance that exists is abated and bee management principles are being followed. "
Right there is an excuse to shut you down and if registered you’ll be first port of call if there is a complaint in the area. I wonder if the 2 feral tree colonys on my block have read this?


I have to strongly agree with you Mr.Skeggley!

But down the hill in the burbs with smaller blocks, neighbours tend to know anyway what their next doors’ up to. I told the old lady next to me because she’s into gardening and can appreciate bees, but never told the bastard on the other side.

Yeah I’m legit with the Agricultural Department. As far as I know I don’t have to let the shire know as long as I keep only two.( plan is to have four… shhhhh)