Foundationless Foundation whats up?

I was talking to a beekeeper about trying foundationless frames. He said that there is a “foundation” for foundationless frames that help the bees keep the comb straight and makes it less fragile. Said that when it comes harvest time you just cut it out with the comb and eat it! Never heard of it. What say you guys!!??

It’s actually very thin unwired foundation. Most people making commercial comb honey use it

It’s called “thin surplus” but they will build comb without it…

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What is the difference between standard foundation and thin surplus? I have seen wired foundation and unwired foundation, but this is the first time I have heard of thin surplus. Is it just lighter weight foundation?

Michael will know better than me, but I believe it is made from a light grade of wax - preferably cappings. It is almost white, rather than yellow. I use it to make starter strips for my cut comb medium supers, because it is thin enough to be palatable in comb honey. Even then, you can see the join between the strip and the bee-generated comb base. If I ever try out Ross Rounds, I will use the ultra-thin high grade foundation - I think it is difficult to go foundationless with those successfully.

“Standard” foundation is called “medium brood” which defines the thickness and the cell size. The thickness of the wax is between “Heavy” and “surplus”. The “brood” means it’s brood size cells. Thin surplus is thinner than “surplus” and is used for comb honey. It is also made from lighter wax as it is intended for comb honey where white comb is preferred.

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