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Garage door left open-Bees found stored frames


Our garage door was left open by mistake and when I went to get some tools I found a garage that was buzzing with excitement. They found the stored bee equipment. Any ideas on how to scoot them out? I am thinking I will close the door for now then wait till the late afternoon then open the door so they will fly home.


Was there honey on the frames, or are they a swarm looking for a home? If there was honey, they are probably robbers and will leave by dusk - I would leave the door open.

If it is a swarm, you are in luck if you want a new hive!!! :smile:


Had some left over honey on some of the frames. Just had to shake my head and laugh at myself when I saw the girls buzzing with delight all over in the garage after i forgot to close the door. Ended up closing things up, did another project for a few hours then went back and opened the big roll up door about a foot and most flew towards the light. I did the same thing just a little bit ago and the final few flew out and back to their home. Crisis averted! :smiley:


Just wait until dark. They should be home by then.


That worked. I closed the door and waited until it was the late afternoon and let them see the light by opening the door opposite of the walk in door. I did that twice and they all made there way home. I still have some girls wanting to follow me in the garage. My neighbors must think I am crazy because it looks like I am talking to myself but I’m am actually swooshing the girls away and telling them to go find another place to get their goodies before I go into my garage. :blush: