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General advice about adding deep hive body


my NUC is coming along well. the majority of the frames are full of brood. 1 frame is completely drawn with new comb and a lot of nectar pollen and some egg larvae.
In two weeks i’m going on vacation for 10 days. would it be better for me to add the deep hive body for brood before i leave ? I’ve read it over and over on this board (thank you) to not add to the hive until all frames are 80% drawn and covered with bees. I’m guessing i’ll be close within the next 12 days or so. I just dont want them to swarm while i’m gone if i have a brood explosion which it looks like i will when looking at all of the capped brood.

thanks for the help


I would go on holidays and have a great time.
Unlikely your hive will swarm at this stage in the season. Not that they don’t but unlikely.


If it gives you piece of mind I would go ahead and add it. Check their status when you get back and adjust accordingly.


If you want to add it, you could add it underneath the existing brood box. That way there will be less thermal stress for them keeping the existing brood warm, and they can just move down into it when they need space. I have done this successfully several times in the past.