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Greetings from the hills of Perth, West Australia!

Hi, I am Paul, from the hills of Perth, West Australia.
I’m a bit of a newb. I have 2 hives, (1 trad and a flow), both of which were “inherited” from other people who were not able, (or not interested), in taking on the challenges of their new Hives.
I am about to go into my first Winter, (along with the rest of the Southern Hemisphere) and am happy to have 2 strong hives with lots of capped Honey and lots of brood.
I had an issue with robber Bees almost as soon as I started and am stoked to have recognised the problem and solved it, with the help of forums such as this.
I look forward to reading posts from everyone on my journey from newb to experienced Beekeeper.
Thanks for having me!


Welcome to the forum Paul, you will find lots of members here from your area that can be invaluable for advice about your area.


Greetings and welcome, Paul! The bees are lucky you came along :raised_hands: