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Greetings from Wisconsin


Hello all. Things have warmed up here in Southeastern Wisconsin. We had 80 degrees today - not typical for this time of year. My bees have got a good start to the year. Hope its keeps up. Looking forward to learning and sharing ideas here!


Well, hello Rob! Bruinne Bear here. I’m located in western Waukesha County (Dousman area). Had a full day today. Hived 4 Carniolan and 8 Italian colonies. A lot of of work for an old dude. Interested in your exploits in Lake Country.


Good for you! I am a small backyard keeper in the Land of Oz. 2 Italian hives this year (1 regular, 1 top bar), and 1 Carniolan. First time I have had different kinds. It will be fun to see how they are different they are. Been tough keeping here the past few years with crazy weather. Had the Italians up for a few weeks now and they are looking good. Just got the other up on Sunday and they have some catching up to do.