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Grumpy is Going on Holidays


If I have sounded a bit grumpy of late, sorry.
I am sure if I had, had, a corridor consultation with DD I would have been advised to "get thee to a place of recuperation"
Anyway this grumpy old man and a lovely lady are off to New Zealand for 7 weeks and this will be my last post till mid May.
At which time I will be invigorated and just busting to participate with couth and gentility.
Bye for now, see you in May.



Take care n enjoy your special relax n rest time. Ta Ta bro … Wish I was going with you ! Gerald


Have fun mate,


@busso have a great time fella. We might miss your contributions for 7wks but the bees might enjoy being left alone :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to hear if the highways and trains are all ok again. My wife and I had been considering a 4-5wk holiday around NZ…



Get thy brain some rest and thy wife some of thy humour! Oh, and don’t forget to have some fun! :wink:


Go bust yer fun meter!


Have a good time. If you are a fisherman there is some great fly fishing in New Zealand. If you are not a fly fisherman it could be worth a try while you are there. I will warn you its addicting and can be an expensive hobby!

Take care!