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Hello from central Italy


hello from central Italy

ITALIAN Flow Hive beekeepers | Am I the first one? =D

Hi. Are you in Tuscany.


Hello McBee,
Umbria, which neighbours Tuscany. I’m a newbie and have just assembled two flow hives.
Thanks John


Hi John
Thank you for the reply. The reason I ask is that my partner Lesley and I have made a couple of trips to Italy, our last involving a 6 week stay in a Villa just out of Cortona. We long to return to Italy and will do so sooner rather than later. Are the sunflowers out yet? I too am a new beek with three hives although none are Flow hives. A good friend has one and I am rather fascinated by them but decided to start off with traditional Langstroth hives.Two of my three are polystyrene and they are excellent in our local conditions.
Look forward to hearing of your progress. Keep in touch
Cheers Ken


Hi Ken, The sunflowers have just been planted, and will be ready for a September harvest in this region. I helped my Dad do beekeeping in the 1970s, and thoughts of him made me have a crack at it. I’ve no idea what I’m letting myself in for - but I’m sure it will involve a bit of a muddle. I’ve also purchased the book that they mention on this site about natural beekeeping. All the best John


Hi John
Very happy to talk over any newbee question you have. Despite the fact I do not have

a flow hive the basics of starting the hive are the same and the Flow frames only represent a difference once the time for a honey super comes around. Basic beekeeping procedures are still relevant all the way through but I’m sure you already know that. I hope we can exchange information, successes and experiences. We are lucky here in Australia that we do not have the Varroa mite. It decimated the bee industry some years back in my home country New Zealand. Has it turned up in Italy?
I have attached a photo of my three hives. One is outperforming the others and i have no idea why but its great that it has provided me two harvest of honey since it began late last December. Keep in touch, Ken


Hi there, Welcome to the forum