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Hello from O"hi"O

This text will be blurredHi Everyone!

First year beekeeper from SW Ohio. Started my flow hive with a deep nuc mid May. After just a couple of weeks I added a medium brood box. Been doing weekly checks and feeding 1:1 sugar syrup with a pail feeder (the kind you flip upside down inside an empty box). Queen is laying very well!

Above is a pic of my set up. I recently added the waterer you see beside the hive. It’s intended to be an automatic outdoor animal waterer, and is tied in to my water spigot. When the water dips below a certain level it’s automatically filled.


Hi, we loved Ohio when we drove through a few years ago. We became friends with some folks in Walnut Creek.

Greetings from Buderim Australia.

We live in Ripley OH on the river and are interested in the Flow Hive - will be glad to know how it works for you through the winter. We have never had a hive - so this is all new for us oldies…